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Applications are open for UWC Lebanon Short Course 2019 "Connecting with the Mediterranean."

Join us on the UWC Lebanon Short Course from the 2nd till 16th of July 2019 in Beirut, together with students from Europe, the Middle East and around the Mediterranean, to spend 14 days redefining the world around you. Participants will be expected to share their ideas, desires, identities and experiences through workshops, self-initiated projects and community interactions, debates and games on topics like sustainability, leadership, conflict resolution and the future.

UWC Lebanon Short Course 2019 is a challenging experience which requires a full commitment from all who attend. Participants should:

  1. Be Aged 15-18
  2. Be Prepared to share their experiences with others
  3. Have the Motivation to learn, explore new ideas in a multi-cultural environment
  4. Have an understanding of UWC ideals and its Mission, particularly the focus on international peace and cross-cultural understanding
  5. Have a commitment to providing service to others
  6. Possess tolerance, adaptability and signs of integrity and strength of character

Application Process:

Make sure to use the same email and name in all of the forms

  1. Fill the Program Registration form
  2. Fill the Indemnity and Consent form
  3. Fill the Medical Form
  4. Answer the Essay Questions
  5. Upload a Photo of yourself
  6. Fill the Confirmation form

Any questions? Shoot us an email at