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Connecting the Mediterranean 2018

UWC short courses bring UWC’s mission to a wider audience outside of our regular school year and often away from our 17 campuses. Connecting with the Mediterranean was one of the 18 UWC Short Course offered during 2018. The short course was able to bring participants and organizers from more than 22 countries.  The short course aimed at deepening the participants’ awareness of socio-political issues and competing world views in the MENA region, encouraging participants to reflect, think and challenge. The short course was based on the seven core values of the UWC mission that created the base for the short course’s workshops, activities and outings.

Participants spent 10 days on the campus of the American University of Beirut in the heart of the capital, Beirut. The campus is strategically located in one of the most culturally vibrant areas in Beirut. The participants were immersed in a holistic learning experience from workshops to hands on experiences in different areas of Lebanon. The workshops covered different topics that ranged from community building, sustainability, science, self-perception to privilege and inequalities. The participants were also invited to initiate their own projects and share their stories.

The participants were immersed in Lebanese culture. They were able to enjoy the rich Lebanese cuisine, music, and learn the most familiar Lebanese phrases. In addition, outings were an integral part of the short course experience as participants get to visit different regions of Lebanon and meet university professors, NGO leaders, local politicians, and experts in fields such as history, sustainability, and design thinking. The participants were able to enjoy quality free time in which the interactions with their peers and facilitators, most keep in touch after the course.