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Procedure and Application Instructions

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for September 2020 entry


The UWC Lebanon selection process is run in three stages:


Submission of application form and all supporting documents in.

An administrative application fee of 30.000 LL will be charged for all those who are admitted to Stage 2 of Selections. Discretionary fee waivers can be granted who those who have difficulty – please contact us on if you need a waiver.


A group of short-listed candidates will be invited to attend Stage 2 selections, which involve a full day of assessed group activities, discussions and a test.


Those candidates who are chosen to go through the Stage 3 will again attend another full day of group activities as well as undergo individual interviews in front of a panel.

At the end of this process, a number of students are offered places to a UWC college. Once each student has been nominated to a UWC college, the college makes the final decision about whether to accept him/her.


  1. Go to and click Sign Up to create your applicant account. Keep a note of your username and password.

  2. Fill in your basic details and hit Register.

  3. You will receive an email with a link; click on the link to begin your application!

  4. Fill in the Applicant Information form. This determines your eligibility. Please note that to be eligible, you must be Lebanese (at least one Lebanese parent) OR have lived in Lebanon for at least three years.

  5. When you have completed the Applicant Information form, click on View Applications underneath the heading Your Applications.

  6. Find UWC Lebanon and click Apply Now.

  7. Click Start to begin your application. You can save and exit at any time; you do not need to complete the whole thing in one go.

  8. Once you have completed and reviewed the application for any errors or incomplete responses, click Submit. No changes can be made to the application once it has been submitted so be sure to review it very carefully!

Address any enquiries to the UWC Lebanon national committee at: