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Our Alumni

Now, more than ever, the world needs future leaders who know and understand one another and who are inspired to make a difference in their communities. By using the power of education to unite diverse groups of people in living together, learning together and serving together, the UWC movement is determined to develop these future leaders and to support its over 60,000 alumni in making positive change. 

A UWC education does more than provide a world-class academic experience; it also challenges each student to take part in addressing the most pressing global issues, both during their time as a UWC student and upon graduation. Rather than being an end in itself, a UWC education equips and inspires students to take action to bring about positive change throughout their lives. 

UWC Lebanon's alumni and other community members - from students’ parents and guardians, to current and former staff members and volunteers - remain committed to UWC’s mission by making changes in their communities for inclusive peace and sustainability. 

To see how UWC Lebanon shapes, inspires and supports changemakers, please read our collected Impact Stories of UWC community members who have changed the world for the better.