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Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

The UWC National Committee for Palestinian Camps in Lebanon started in 2010, to ensure that Palestinian Refugees from Lebanon are represented amongst the UWC colleges. Initially, the committee operated under the umbrella of the UNRWA, from the application process to the selections. A few years ago, the National Committee members that include Melek El Nimer, Salim Karroum, Tara Hermez and Uliana Filippovskaya decided to move the operations to an NGO that shares similar values to UWC called ULYP - Unite Lebanon Youth Project. Since then, we have been running the entire process under ULYP with the support of many volunteers that are Palestinian Refugees as well. We have selected over 40 students in the past 10 years, with UWC Alumni currently studying in prestigious universities all over the world, including Harvard, Brown, and Lehigh. 

Eligibility Criteria

Students applying to UWC must

  • Be currently enrolled in an UNRWA school in Lebanon
  • Hold a Palestinian Refugee status in Lebanon
  • Be 16 years old by the first year of entry to a UWC college
  • Have an average of over 75% at school
  • Submit a complete UWC application including all the additional documents required 
Application Procedure

1- Information presentations will take place between October and November in UNRWA schools

2- All UNRWA Head Masters will receive the application for UWC 

3- Students that are interested in applying will fill in the application under their school director's supervision

4- Applications are submitted before the deadline (TBD) 

5- Those shortlisted will be informed via email 

6- Two rounds of interviews will take place 

7- Results of the process will be shared as of March 

8- All students that have been nominated will be requested to attend a meeting with their parents and the entire National Committee in order to finalise the process and prepare for the visa

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